After they had exhausted all medical treatments, doctors for James Watham prescribed a non-traditional medicine for the ailing 73-year-old.

Visits from his best friend - his dog Bubba - were in order. James has been hospitalized since September at Baptist Health Corbin. He had to leave his dog behind when he went to hospital. Bubba has been James' constant companion, after the senior was given the dog with one eye 5 years ago and he missed his dog.

It wasn't easy for Chief Nursing Officer Kimberly Probus to find Bubba at first. The Chihuahua was initially in the care of a vet, then a family friend and afterwards went into several foster homes connected with Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter.

Kimberly told The Whitley Republican, "Poor fella [James] has been debilitated and just depressed. We figured out it was over the dog because he ask about him every day." She added, "We didn’t realize the dog was at someone’s house, also not eating because he was depressed." Is it any wonder there was a tear-filled reunion when Bubba finally came to the hospital to visit James? The two hugged each other and Bubba licked James' face before cuddling on his lap in the hospital bed.

Since their reunion, both James' and Bubba's appetites have improved and more visits have been prescribed!


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  1. Fili says:

    That is so great to see. A bound between a pet & it's own is special. And their love is endless for each other. It just shows what being separated can do to humans & animals. Thank you for sharing this.

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