Zephyr, Alawa, and Nikai of the Wolf Conservation Center's Ambassador Pack in South Salem, NY serenade the moon!

Zephyr, Alawa, and Nikai are captive-born Canadian/Rocky Mountain gray wolves (Canis lupus occidentalis). As Ambassados, the siblings open the door to understanding the importance and plight of their wild kin and help fight to preserve wolves' rightful place in the environment.

Zephyr and Alawa are litter-mates, born April 20, 2011. Their little brother Nikai was born April 13, 2014.

WCC founder Hélène Grimaud started the Wolf Conservation Center back in 1996 with three ambassador wolves, Apache, Lukas, and Kaila. Along with co-founder J. Henry Fair, Hélène was the teacher, the staff, the scheduler, etc... Visitors heard about the WCC through word of mouth, and were primarily from the local town or the surrounding Westchester, NY communities, and would call or email to schedule an informal visit.

That all changed in 1999, when the WCC incorporated and brought on its first volunteer teachers, gala planners, and animal care assistants including Rebecca Bose (currently the WCC's on-staff curator), and shortly thereafter built the log cabin that currently serves as our classroom.


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