Ashaka and Kamok were discovered separately in Nairobi wild after being abandoned by their herds 

The baby female elephants were rescued by rangers at wildlife trust and have become inseparable

The African elephants - both named after parts of Kenya - were taken in by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust on the outskirts of Nairobi, and have since become inseparable. Now, the boisterous duo spend their days rolling around in mud, chasing warthogs and bashing bushes. Kamok was just one day old when she was abandoned by her mother and herd.

Her limbs were weak and she was unable to walk properly. She wandered alone and scared into a camp in the Ol Pejeta conservancy, where rangers began bottle feeding her. Two months later, three-week old Ashaka was found at the bottom of a deep waterhole after waking rangers at the Kenyan Wildlife Service in Tsavo East with her distressed screams.

Once rescued, both animals were flown to the Trust’s nursery in Nairobi National Park and are now part of its foster programme. Rob Brandford, UK director of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, said: ‘The bonds between elephants are extremely close and important. 'For the orphans we rescue, the other elephants become their lost herd and family,with many choosing their own best friends.


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  1. Fili says:

    Awww, that is so wonderful that you help those poor babies. They are beautiful. Thank you for sharing the video.

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