Morgan Tosse is highlighted in this video. He is demonstrating the traditional Comanche War Dance

 Traditional dancing is one of the most beautiful parts of Comanche culture.

The Comanche tribes' nickname from many people was " Lords of the Plains". They were once said to be the most important tribe in the plains states.

Most of this had to do with having the largest and best herd of horses of any Indian tribe, and being a very feared warrior. It was also once said that on a horse, a Comanche had no equal.

The Comanches' dress was similar to other tribes with some exceptions. The men dressed in deerskin pants and shirts. Women wore dresses make of deerskin and knee boots with beads.

Men wore deerskin moccasins or warriors would wear light blue riding boots that usually went up to the hip. Clothing was usually always deerskin but if they did have clothe, they preferred blue or scarlet. When warriors would wear a war bonnet, it would usually be made from a buffalo scalp with horns.

As for the appearance of a Comanche you could usually describe them as being shorter. Warriors would wear their hair long, parted in the middle, and braided on the sides. As for the women, they wore their hair short.


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    Love seeing the traditions of Native Americans. Beautiful.

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