Watch: Dogs attacking/drinking water from a hose are even more glorious in slow motion

 The reason why dogs chomp at water when it's in any form other than sitting in a bowl is still unknown, but let's all agree to just put that aside today and enjoy the fact that they put on quite a show when they're attacking water coming out of a hose.

And when that show is slowed down and put to The Blue Danube (AKA the music from Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey/Homer in Space), it becomes a thing of pure beauty. (Source)

Important: This video is cute but please Don’t allow your dog to play with hoses, sprinklers, faucets or any other pressurized water source. Does your dog love to “attack” the garden hose? Or the sprinklers? Although this might look fun and harmless, the opposite is actually true.

Dogs’ need for exercise varies depending on their age, size, breed and individual traits. Most dogs benefit enormously from daily aerobic exercise (exercise that makes them pant, like fetch, tug, running and swimming), as well as at least one half-hour walk. Choose activities that suit your dog’s individual personality and natural interests.


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