Golfer Encounters Majestic Bald Eagle, Watches Helplessly As She Flies Off With His Ball

In a video recently uploaded to YouTube by user bonecoho, a golfer out enjoying a rainy day was surprised to discover that what might have been a birdie ended with an eagle. A real one.

“The eagle’s playing with my golf ball,” says the golfer, bemused by the bird even though her happy romping was spoiling what had been a pretty decent lie on the green.

But as the man draws closer, the bald eagle suddenly pauses, seizing the golf ball with her powerful talons before taking flight.

“Hey, put the ball down,” the man says a moment later, watching helplessly as the eagle disappears over the horizon with her dimpled prize. “The eagle just took my golf ball.”

Unhatched sea birds are among bald eagles’ favorite snacks, so it's possible that the beautiful bird mistook the round white object for an easy meal.


Responses to "Eagle steals man's golf ball off green and flies away (VIDEO)"

  1. Fili says:

    wow, That is funny..

  2. Anonymous says:

    The hardest egg that eagle ever encountered.

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