A black bear cub took a break from the rigors of fall foraging Thursday to wet his heels in a family's backyard pool.

"I peeked around the corner and saw the bear, so I went downstairs to check our [surveillance] cameras," Lushefski said.

According to the mom of three, she was "shocked" to discover the bear had not only been in her backyard, but had also taken a lengthy dip in her swimming pool.

"I screamed," Lushefski said. "The kids were like, 'Why you screaming?' and I said, 'There's a bear in our pool!"

Lushefski and her three kids -- 10-year-old Maria, 7-year-old Mary and 4-year-old Nina -– watched in awe as the bear spent about 10 minutes playing in and around their swimming pool.

"The kids said they couldn't wait to tell everybody there was a bear swimming in the pool," she said.

However, the fun was somewhat short-lived for Nina, who did not take much joy in watching the bear pop the children's inflatable pool ball.

Lushefski said the bear, along with his mother and a sibling, had been hanging around their neighborhood for the last few months. (Source)

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