When Saito gets a special treat she tries to hide it in the house and finds the perfect spot!

Why Do Dogs Hide Their Bones? You may find your dog's bones hidden in the back corner of a closet, under a pillow on the sofa, or some other out-of-the-way place. It is not a game to your pet. It is survival instinct that his ancestors learned would sustain them when prey was hard to find.

The claws and paws of dogs are well suited to digging, and over thousands of years they learned that burying the bones of their prey would reduce the possibilities of other animals taking their food away. Even though bones do not have a great deal of nutrition, the meat clinging to them and the marrow in them when the dogs cracked them open was often enough to sustain them through lean periods.

Not only did burying make their bones harder for others to find, but it masked the smell and kept them out of the air and sunlight, which would speed the spoilage of the bones.

Modern domesticated dogs, when they are fed sufficiently, are less likely to revert to their ancient genetic behavior and hoard their food. Some breeds, however, are a bit more prone to hoarding than others. If you feed him too much or if mealtimes are not consistent, your dog may start to plan for the future and hide some food for when he is hungry and the food bowl is empty. Sometimes dogs may hide food and bones and never go back to them, because the behavior to prepare for lean times is still strong in them, but the lean times never come.


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