Amazing Dog Story Will Make You Cry Happy Tears

Zoro's paws were bleeding from the hot streets when he was found by a couple out celebrating their wedding anniversary. They took the dog home and did everything they could to find his owners. Weeks passed and they fell in love with him, but they knew he had been loved by someone. They continued to look and one day they spotted an ad on Craigslist. This is an amazing story of people with their hearts in the right place!

Rescuer tells us: "Blessings Sometimes Comes To Us Wrapped In Fluffy Fur. We Learned a lot through this experience. This is the story of how Zoro Found His Way Back Home.

On our wedding anniversary, while staying at the delta King We found a very scared dog, Badly Dehydrated Paws burnt and bleeding from running on the Hot July streets. Dirty and so very frightened. It was the 4th of July weekend. And old Sacramento was packed full of people. Many of these people were trying to help this poor lost pup, but as soon as they were close enough to touch him... He would dash away. But he came to us.

We tried and tried to find his owner in the crowds to no avail. The SPCA was not open, The Shelters were not open, No authority could help us, so we called the police for their advice.

"Take him home" was their final answer, or just let him roam the streets. So we took him to our home. We had no idea the blessing that was about to unfold to us."


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  1. Anonymous says:

    absolutly wonderful and yes i cried too what an amazing family now the dog knew he had someone special at home thank you for sharing this.Val Perth W.A.

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