Suquamish Honor Their Sacred Relationship With Killer Whales

 Orcas, or killer whales, were once ubiquitous in the waters off Northwestern Turtle Island. These days, not so much. The Suquamish paid homage recently to honor their special relationship with the animals and to acknowledge a visit the tribe had received from these magnificent creatures while transporting sacred objects back to their rightful home.

This year, to open the Suquamish’s annual Tribal Journeys festivities, the tribe conducted a special ceremony honoring the orca. In the video below, tribal leaders explain why the honor was due. The circumstances were documented when they happened late last year. Here, tribal leaders tell the backstory.

First, he said, those on his boat saw another stopped, its passengers all standing on the deck, staring into the water.

"Then we were surrounded, and it was magical. It was amazing,” said Lawrence. “They were everywhere, all sides of us, for miles.” SOURCE


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  1. casey says:

    Thank you for sharing this story. I feel as is I was also present thanks to your retelling. Please continue to share how nature is communicating with you.

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