This orphaned raccoon sure did quickly adapt to his new adoptive family!

This Orphaned Raccoon Quickly Adapts and Shows His Love For His Adoptive Family! It’s Just Adorable

 Raccoons are cute little creatures that have a weakness for shiny objects. Although these furry creatures are typically found in the wild there are times when they can be found as domesticated and somewhat docile pets.

This video shows an adorable raccoon that was found orphaned and raised with dogs. Not only has this sweet looking little critter apparently adapted to such a life but he seems to earnestly enjoy being with his adoptive family. Even the dog involved seems to take in stride the way this little raccoon just continually climbs up his back chewing on his ears as he falls off only to do it all over again.

Although being raised in such a home may not always be ideal it appears that it has worked well for the raccoon – not to mention the dogs – in this video. They appear to love each other and the dogs don’t seem to mind the attention they get from the raccoon.


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