The Seattle City Council voted unanimously to now recognize what was once Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples' Day.

The vote was initially set for last month, but was delayed until Monday because the groups supporting the name change wanted to send a bigger message and have the Indigenous People's Day memo signed on the day itself.

Last month's meeting brought out a lot of supporters.

Columbus Day, which is next Monday, is a federal holiday that the city does not recognize.

Groups wanted the name to be changed because they say Columbus was responsible for genocide.

The delay last month was asked for by some Native American groups so the resolution would be signed on the day itself, something Mayor Ed Murray supports.

Seattle is not the only city that considered a change. In Bellingham, they're considering a proposal to recognize Columbus Day as Coast Salish Day.

Responses to "Seattle Changes Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day (VIDEO)"

  1. Frances Nichols Anglin says:

    Yes! Kudos to Seattle! I'm stopping here for the day while have I something to go to bed feeling really good about. Respect for Native Americans! Long overdue! I'm only sorry I am not Native America. I can only wish!

  2. Anonymous says:

    i AGREE.. Christopher Columbus did NOT discover America as history teaches us.. Lief Erickson (sp) stepped foot on North Amerian soil long before Columbus who never did... i LOVE indigenous peoples day.. wish it would take hold all over the country.. Spain can keep Mr. Columbus.. we don't need him or the fibs we have always been fed.

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