Dozens of fish suckle on baby's bottle in feeding-time frenzy at animal park in China ... and almost rip it out of woman's hand

Most people would take a couple of pieces of bread along when feeding fish.

But not this couple. Andrey Torchinskiy and his wife use a baby's bottle to feed a hungry school of carp in Shanghai, China. The amusing footage, posted onto the Storyful website, shows the fish thrashing around in the water as they each take it in turns to suckle from the bottle.

It also shows one of the fish biting so hard on the bottle that it almost rips it away from Mr Torchinskiy's wife's hand.

Mr Torchinskiy said the couple decided to experiment with the bottle at the animal park as they were curious to see how the carp would react. He said: 'A guy was selling these baby bottles to feed the carp. We decided to try it just for fun, but we didn’t expect that it could be so impressive and entertaining. It was mind-blowing.'

The oily freshwater fish, which are native to Europe and Asia, are brightly coloured with predominantly orange and yellow and white spots.


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