Firefighters Help Free Two Little Bear Cubs Trapped Inside A Tree

Two bear cubs became trapped in a tree near Milltown, Wis., on Friday after debris fell down and blocked their exit, leaving two snouts sticking out. A cabin owner called the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources after she followed cries to a tree and came across the two cubs.

"In 15 years of being a warden I haven't seen a bears caught in a tree before. I've seen lots of bears just none that were trapped like that," warden Jesse Ashton said.

Ashton and the Milltown Fire Department were able to cut a window into the tree, freeing the cubs who then ran off into the woods unharmed.

Meanwhile, bear season has exploded in the Sierra Nevada this week, as nine bears were caught over the course of two days due to the drought continuing to make food scarce in the mountains.


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