Alaska is where the majority of the wild Arctic Wolves live.

No other wolf in the world can offer the same coloring as the Arctic Wolf. It is very unique due to the location where it is found. While some species of wolves do have some white coloring, this one is almost completely white. They do offer some aspects of yellow, gray, and black in places though.

The overall size of them will depend on where they happen to live in their region. Some of them only weight about 75 pounds. Others though can weigh up to 125. Some of them are about 3 feet in length when they are fully grown. Others are twice that long though at about 6 feet.

Alaska is where the majority of the wild Arctic Wolves live. They are able to walk on the frozen ground due to the way their feet are designed. That allows them to shift their weight around and to keep a good grip. Not only can they stand the very cold temperatures, they don’t seem to mind the part of the year when it is dark for both day and night.

Both Greenland and Canada have Arctic Wolves that are found in various locations as well. However, the numbers of them in these areas are drastically low. They have moved or they have perished due to a lack of food and habitat for them to survive. Around Alaska the natural habitat for these wolves has been untouchable due to the land being too cold for people to thrive in.

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    I saw a male and female in person a few years back . 180lb. male and a 150lb. female - devastating ! When the male approached I felt the goose bumps ! He didn't make a sound . He just looked at me ! I was in awe of his size and beauty ! No one should kill these great animals !

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    Thank you for the beautiful photography! Marsha

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    Let us hope humans never disrupt their habitat and leave them be! Their relatives in the lower 48 and beyond have been all but extinguished.

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    As long as we disturb their food source, they will be at risk.

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    love those pictures! thanks!

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    wow very awesome pics Marsha ,,,,,,,,, I have always love hearing these Beautiful animals round , I was able to hear em when I lives in Michigan I have seen their Tracks right next to me other Hound dogs b4 that was just awesome,,

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    These are amazingly ,Gorgeous, Thank you

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    Absolutely beautiful.Thank you for sharing. ~Gail~

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    These wolves are just beautiful. As a person who has 2 wolves I can only tell you they are the most intelligent and loving animals I have ever had the pleasure to meet...

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    Beautiful get tired of seeing these beautiful animals..thank you for sharing.

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    I loved the beautiful photos. Thank You!!!!

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    thanks a million really 1st class.nature at its best.

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    Gorgeous animals great photos. Hope the hunters leave them alone.

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    beautiful pictures, lovely

  17. Awesome photos of an awesome animal.

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