Stunning images showcase the beauty of Canada's iconic animal

The Canada lynx has very thick, light brown or gray fur with light black spots. It has large ears with long black tufts at the ends. Its tail is short with a black tip at the end.

It has a pointed, beard-like ruff and long legs with big paws. Its paws work like snowshoes and distribute the lynx's weight, helping it move in the snow.

The lynx's range extends over most of Canada and Alaska and south into parts of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

Lynx live deep in coniferous forests near rocky areas, bogs and swamps.

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About 75% of the lynx's diet is made up of the snowshoe hare. It also eats birds, meadow voles, carrion and sometimes larger animals like deer and caribou.

Lynx often store leftover kill by covering it with snow. Adult lynx are solitary hunters, although a mother and her young will often hunt together. It usually hunts at night and stalks its prey before pouncing on it. The lynx can climb trees and it often waits on a branch for passing prey

Mark Bradley, Boreal Nature Photos 

Dave Van de Laar 

Photo Credit: Sue Ratcliffe 

Photo Credit: Regis Vincent 

Photo Credit Jeff Wendorff 

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    What a gorgeous animal! I live in New Zealand, we don't have any wild animals like this except in zoos, & because I refuse to go to these places the only way I get to see them is either on the TV or on web pages like this. Thanks for sharing ����

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    They take away your breath and yet they are defenceless against man and his tyranny of nature.

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    They are also found in northern Minnesota.

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    Such Beautiful Creatures... I wonder,. If the good Lord knew what his Children would do to his Creatures.. Extinction!!!!

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    should be Canada's national animal

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    Built in snow shoes to race across the snow. God thought of everything when he created all creatures. Man as the custodian of animals has failed miserably.

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