A Murder of Crows brings you these so-called feathered apes, as you have never seen them before

A Murder of Crows is a visually stunning one-hour documentary that offers a rare and intimate glimpse into the inner life of one of the most intelligent, playful and mischievous species on the planet - the common crow.

It is also a film that explores a unique pairing of science and cinema as world-renowned scientists, including crow expert Professor John Marzluff, joins forces with an award-winning camera team to explore the secret world of crows. A scientific exploration with a compelling twist, the film is a visually stunning HD documentary that reveals new insights and understanding into this haunting and elusive species.

There's no better way to celebrate Halloween than by snuggling up with this mesmerizing PBS documentary, A Murder of Crows, first aired in 2010 and now available free online. We actually get to see some of the experiments that offered solid evidence that crows are breathtakingly smart tool users.

Spend an hour getting to know these amazing birds and the scientists who study them. By the end, you will have a new appreciation for the intelligence of these noisy scavengers. Sure, they eat garbage — but they also build tools to fish the garbage out of hard-to-reach crannies. Plus, they form close-knit family units and never forget a human face.

Though this documentary is a few years old, the science in it is up-to-date and reflects current understandings of what one researcher calls "feathered apes." (Source)


Responses to "A Fascinating Documentary on Crows, One of the World's Smartest Animals (VIDEO)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Have not seen this fascinating documentary, but have read and seen many of the experiments and accomplishments of these very clever corvids. The way they are able to reason and bend wires and use sticks to reach food items is pretty mind boggling. Also read that they have the intelligence of a seven year old child. That is impressive! - And they are fun loving! Never forget the video of them sliding down a snowy roof using plastic lids! Amazing! :)

  2. I only saw a 3 minutes documentary ... I would like to see the entire one ! Could you help me to search for it ? Thanks.

  3. The intro invited me to spend an hour watching a video about crows. I have clicked all over this page but only found a 3 minute sketch. Please tell me where to find the rest. I have crows in my garden and feed them all year They are clever birds :)

  4. Dennis W. says:

    Here it is - the full documentary.

  5. Unknown says:

    Always knew even as a child they observed me and others I think the Raven is even brighter if that's possible.

  6. I needed to see more too. Link to full documentary right here:

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