The continuing adventures of Lil' Bear the Grizzly Bear Cub and Tala the Wolf Cub

 Animals strike up plenty of strange interspecies friendships, but this one in particular is adorable. At the Woodland wildlife park in Farmington, Pennsylvania, Lil' Bear the grizzly and Tala the wolf have struck up a friendship that has lasted six years. The only thing that could make this tableau any cuter is if the heavens opened up and began raining candy.

According to comments Crossland's made on his video, Lil’ Bear (who's not so little anymore) and Tala remain together today.

"They're still alive and well," he writes. "Although I don't see them anymore as they live far away from me but I get occasional reports on them."

Although Lil' Bear and Tala’s interspecies friendship is incredible, it's certainly not the first of its kind. (Source)


Responses to "Adorable Orphaned Wolf Pup Chases Adorable Orphaned Grizzly Bear Cub (VIDEO)"

  1. Marina says:

    Nice the two of you, little bear and little wolf...
    they deserve the best award!

  2. Unknown says:

    Very cute. How about showing one of them together now that they are older.

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