Puppy Looks Into Mirror, Is So Mesmerized By His Reflection He Tries To Find It

Simon the puppy is confused when the puppy in the mirror is nowhere to be found

Amy Strawn was doing her make up, using a mirror she had placed on the ground. After walking away for only a few seconds, she returned to find her English sheepdog puppy Simon up to something strange.

Simon noticed the mirror and the ‘other’ puppy but couldn’t figure out where its reflection was hiding and tried his best to locate it.

Eventually, the pup comes to a rest in front of the mirror and engages its reflection in a staring content but still doesn’t understand what’s going on, brushing its paw against the glass to see if the other puppy reacts.

Watch this very cute video of Simon versus Simon.


Adorable Puppy Wonders Where His Reflection Has... by storyfulviral

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