Peggy Callahan, Executive Director of the Wildlife Science Center, bottle feeding young wolf pups.

The mission of the Wildlife Science Center is to serve as an educational resource for all ages; by: providing exposure to wild animals and the body of knowledge generated for their conservation;to advance understanding of wild animal biology through long-term, humane scientific studies on captive populations, thus contributing to technical training for wildlife agencies, educational institutions and conservation agencies.

The primary goal of the Wildlife Science Center is to provide science education programs for preK-12th grade students, as well as public tours and educational events for people of all ages.

WSC was founded as a federally funded research facility in 1976, in order to observe and document the physiology and behavior of a captive population of gray wolves.

The Wildlife Science Center is the proud participant in the Species Survival Plan for the red wolf and for the Mexican gray wolf. Both were reduced to near extinction before governmental and private efforts to restore them began.


Responses to "Bottle Feeding Orphaned Wolf Puppies at the Wildlife Science Center (VIDEO)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was just wondering why they are orphaned. Just adorable

  2. Unknown says:

    Are they for sale?

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