This cat and dog duo like to start the day with a little rough and tumble in their owner’s bathroom.

 Espurr the cat and Growlithe the husky may be mismatched in size but that doesn’t stop the energetic little cat from giving as good as she gets.

 Their play-fighting may look vicious but really they’re good friends.

Petting Your Alpha Cat If you’ve ever been in the middle of a petting session with your kitty only to have him suddenly scratch you, you likely have an alpha cat.

Your alpha might have had enough petting. If this is the case, he usually gives you what he probably thinks are obvious signals. If you don’t pick up on them and continue petting him, he’ll likely scratch or bite you. An alpha cat who is done with the petting narrows his eyes, thumps his tail from side to side and gives your hand a sideways glance. This is a classic alpha cat move.


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