Did you ever see and hear an elephant sneeze before?

With those big trunks of theirs, it must be quite the spectacle, right? Well, this cute little elephant calf doesn’t disappoint.

YouTube poster kikicat25 thinks this petite pachyderm scared himself, but he seems more embarrassed to me. Elephants are no dummies, so it’s silly to think they’d be scared by their own bodily functions.

Then again, this is just a baby, and maybe he has a thing or two to learn. Luckily, two understanding elders in his herd are there to hide behind, away from laughing human onlookers and the camera’s judging lens. If the calf were alone, there’d be more cause for concern, but as you can see here, elephants are very family-oriented, and adult females typically stick with the babies in the group.

We hope this little guy can put this awkward moment behind him, but you know what they say about elephants and their memories…


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