The furry animal rides the waves after a dramatic rescue by kind-hearted paddle-boarder Thomas Paterson, 22.

 Mr Paterson was travelling downstream on his board in Ottawa, Canada, when he spotted the cute creature stranded on a rock. Realising the distressed critter had become trapped, Mr Paterson decided to comfort the animal, gain its trust and try and return it safely to the shore.

However, before he could grab the stricken squirrel, it made a break for freedom - and ended up caught in a fast-flowing current. It quickly washed him downstream, before he became trapped in a small hole under water. Yet heroic Mr Paterson managed to pluck the squirrel to safety.

He said: "I wanted him to make a break for it so I could just grab him from the water. "Eventually he tried jumping up stream, but got worked into a little hole. Thankfully I managed to pick him out of the water and place him on my board before I swam him to shore.

"Once he was on my board he realised what I was doing and just chilled and enjoyed the free ride." The dramatic footage was captured on a Go Pro strapped to Mr Paterson's head. And by the sounds of it, Mr Paterson is no stranger to bumping in to animals while on his travels. The young man from Oakville in Ontario, said he has crossed paths with snakes, rodents and skinks.

He said: "This was one of my favourite spots for river boarding. "I love encountering animals on the river. I realise it's their home I am swimming through and enjoy giving them the respect they deserve. He added: "Some animals allow me to get close to them and chill but others want nothing to do with me. "Ever since I was young I would often cross paths with snakes, turtles, skinks, rodents, and countless other animals."


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  1. Anonymous says:

    What a really wonderful person! It is so easy to lose faith in humans, then something like this comes along. Thank you guy with the board. You are a real hero.

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