Watch as this adorable Black Labrador dog named Rafi body slides down a snow covered hill. Looks like the little guy knows how to have some fun! 

The Lab's coat should be short and dense, but not wiry. The coat is water-resistant, so the dog does not get cold when taking to water in the winter.

 That means that the dog naturally has a slightly dry, oily coat. Acceptable colours are black, yellow, and chocolate Labradors do not typically jump high fences or dig, but because of their personalities, some Labradors climb and/or jump for their own amusement.

As a breed they are highly intelligent and capable of intense single-mindedness and focus if motivated or their interest is caught.

Therefore, with the right conditions and stimuli, a bored Labrador could "turn into an escape artist par excellence"


Responses to "Hilarious Black Lab Has a Blast Body Sliding in the Snow (VIDEO)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    At first I thought he was just cooling off, like my dog does. But no, he is definitely pushing himself along. The more slide he gets, the better he seems to like it.

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