Marlon Brando Gives Up Family Lands to Indians


Marlon Brando is widely known for his sympathies for the American Indian mainly because he never let slide an opportunity to publicize those sympathies. He delegated an Indian girl to accept his Academy Award for his performance in the “Godfather” and he showed up in South Dakota when there was all that trouble at Wounded Knee. Brando owns some land and today in California he called a news conference to announce that he intends to give it back to the Indians.

JIM BROWN reporting:

Brando had personally called many of the news media to tell them the ceremony would take place. By the time the actor arrived, it was obvious that it was a well-staged event. Brando not only was the star, but the director as well.

Mr. MARLON BRANDO: I might make, make a brief statement to the fellows with the audio/visual equipment that the land is facing down this way, so if we could all maybe come around this way and look down towards the land then we get a better idea.

BROWN: Brando says he plans to give all his landholdings to the Indians. Not only this 40 acres but also his Los Angeles home, both properties valued in excess of $100,000 each. He and his two sisters also own property in Illinois and the one sister who lives on it says she’s sure her brother’s actions don’t include the family farm.

Mr. BRANDO: I think I would like at this time to give you the deed and title. This is the plain deed, which I turn over to you for your keeping along with a letter that relinquishes my claims to the land forever.

BROWN: As to who will pay the taxes on this land and what the exact disposition of the property will be, no one is quite sure. Jim Brown, NBC News, near Agoura, California.

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