Karen the rescued bat is the most adorable (and complaining) creature you will see today

 More than 400 orphaned baby flying foxes are being kept safe and cozy after a bout of scorching weather struck New South Wales, Australia.

The heatwave, causing temperatures to soar over 110 degrees, has claimed the lives of some 7,000 of the region’s famed bats. But for animal rescuers, that devastating death toll makes saving the survivors all the more important.

Since the weekend, volunteers from the non-profit NSW Wildlife, Rescue, Information & Education Service (WIRES) have been working to ensure that the the sudden influx of rescued young flying foxes are all well-fed, cared for and comfortable.

“Each of these orphans had to be assessed, hydrated and taken care of individually; you can imagine the enormous task of literally hundreds coming in at the same time,” writes WIRES.

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  1. Tammy J Sanchez says:

    Such a sweet baby! Thank you for working so hard to save these babies. They are so important to the environment and the Earth. Keep up the GREAT work!

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