Russian Sailors Rescue Dog Stranded On An Iceberg

Russian fishermen come to the aid of a black dog stranded on an ice floe in the frigid waters of the Okhotsk Sea near Magadan, Siberia.

One fisherman risks his life to save the stranded dog by swimming out to him, the fisherman’s colleagues then pull the two back to the boat and lift the dog to safety.

This poor doggie somehow got stranded on an iceberg and was left freezing in the cold. Thankfully Russian fishermen came to the rescue and he was saved from the frigid ice and water.

The Sea of Okhotsk is a marginal sea of the western Pacific Ocean, lying between the Kamchatka Peninsula on the east, the Kuril Islands on the southeast, the island of Hokkaidō to the south, the island of Sakhalin along the west, and a long stretch of eastern Siberian coast (including the Shantar Islands) along the west and north.

The northeast corner is the Shelikhov Gulf. The sea is named after Okhotsk, the first Russian settlement in the Far East.


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    This is true compassion!!!

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    How wonderful!,

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