A dying grandmother was granted her final wish and spent her last few hours in the company of a beloved pet horse.

Staff at Manchester, England’s Wigan Royal Infirmary rolled the hospital bed of Sheila Marsh, 77, into the parking lot.

The elderly woman, her body failing after a fight with cancer, had an emotional reunion with her horse, Bronwen.

Marsh spent her life in the company of animals. Her daughter, Tina, told the Mirror the woman once owned three dogs, three cats and six horses. Animals brought her comfort.

In images tweeted by Fiona Murphy, the facility’s assistant director of nursing, and Andrew Foster, chief executive of the hospital’s trust, Marsh can be seen sharing a private moment with Bronwen.

Tina said, "It was very important for my mum. She was one of the most hard-working people that you could meet… I want to thank the hospital and all the nurses."

Several hours later, Marsh passed away in the company of her daughter. Her death was peaceful, partly thanks to expert bedside skills of Bronwen the horse.


Responses to "See beautiful moment dying patient is reunited with beloved horse"

  1. Anonymous says:

    This was beautiful. Awesome! Our pets are our loved ones, our significant others, our children, our family. It may medically help physiologically, but I know it helps physiologically as a great comfort, an immune booster, a sense of wellbeing , that positive support when we are in need. I think more medical facilities should take into consideration the 4 legged family members of it's clients.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So nice that they did that for her. Letting go of our pets is a very hard thing to do, if we are confined and separated from them. God Bless her family and I hope Bronwin stays with them as long as she lives too. Marsha

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