Git-Hoan is truly amazing to see. Their beautiful carved masks and exciting songs are always a thrill.

The Git-Hoan Dancers (The People of theSalmon) perform with stunning, hand-carved masks, authentic skin and wood drums and colorful hand-made regalia emblazoned with symbols of their culture.

Git-Hoan’s repertoire includes a ceremonial procession and storytelling dances which tell the history of the Tsimshian First Nations People.

Legends such as “Mouse Woman and the Cannibal Giant,” “The Shaman and the Land Otters,” “The Spirit of Potlatch” and “Killerwhale, Chief of the Sea” are vividly brought to life through dance.

The dramatic impact of the performances is heightened by the use of mechanical devices that animate the heads of characters such as Raven and Whale.

Under the direction of Tradition-Bearer David Boxley, Git-Hoan’s dancers and musicians are also accomplished visual artists whose artwork ranges from full-size totem poles, to rattles, masks, silver-engraved jewelry, textiles and steam-bent boxes.

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