This is a story about true love.

 It’s the tale of an unconventional relationship between a paraplegic stray dog named Leo and the animal lovers who saved his life.

Canadian model Meagan Penman discovered the paraplegic dog wandering a Thai beach, legs dragging behind him, during a work trip. With one glance, Penman knew she couldn’t leave the handicapped dog behind to die.

But, Penman also didn’t have time or funds to care for the canine, whom she christened Leo, by herself.

She didn’t know anyone in Thailand. So, the kindhearted woman took to Facebook and established a page called Help Save Leo and a public donation page. A Thai veterinarian confirmed Leo’s spine was completely broken, leaving him unable to feel pain in either leg.He was also covered in ticks, but they died off within a few days of careful treatment.

Three months later, Penman raised enough money to fly Leo back to Canada.

Dog in Thailand from Meagan on Vimeo.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dog looks like he has a collar. I suppose after he got hit or whatever, no one wanted the expense. He is one lucky pooch.

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