Journalist encounters birth, marriage and death in a besieged village and shows how the long standoff changed history and his own life.

 Assistant Producer: Jack Norton

Jack Norton is is an enrolled member of the Yurok tribe and an Emeritus Professor of Native American Studies at Humboldt State University.

Professor Norton was the first California Indian to be appointed to the Rupert Costo chair in American Indian History at the University of California, Riverside.

He is the author of several seminal works on Native American history and culture, including Genocide in Northwestern California: When Our Worlds Cried (1979, 1997), A Teacher’s Source Book on Genocide (1998), Natasha Goes to the Brush Dance (2000), Brave from Thunders (2003), and Centering in Two Worlds: Essays on Native Northwestern California History, Culture and Spirituality (2007).


Responses to " ‘Wounded Knee: A Line in the Sand’: Documentary to Show Never Seen Footage (VIDEO)"

  1. old owl says:

    First Civil rights violated in North America, Native Americans!

  2. Constitution forbids using military equipment against the people, yet there is video here of them doing so. Video of it in Waco also... It makes ya think, that's for sure.. Great video doc here..

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