Unreal Animals You Won’t Believe Exist

 Now, how many animal species do you know? Fifty? A hundred? Or even more? Well, according to some scientific researches, there are almost 9 million of them!

It’s no wonder then we do not know all of them but still – there are creatures out there you certainly won’t believe even exist.

From the canopies of the rain forest to the extreme depths of the ocean, jaw-dropping creatures are surviving, new species are hiding, and animals considered critically endangered are coming back from the brink. Check out this slideshow of bizarre animals to see what we're talking about:

The pink fairy armadillo, or Chlamyphorus truncates, is the smallest species of armadillo, measuring a mere 10 centimeters in length on average. You’ll find these guys in Argentina, digging holes in dry grasslands or sandy plains. They live underground but surface at night to find food, which mostly consists of ants.

Sunda Colugo

Tufted deer 

Spiny Orb Weaver Spider

Cantor’s Giant Soft Shelled Turtle

Abyssinian ground hornbill

Wolf fish

The fossa 

The Angora rabbit

Mantis shrimp

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  1. I didn't ever imagine myself saying this about a shrimp but that shrimp is beautiful! I'm intrigued by the armadillo. They're all interesting although the angora rabbit is common.

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