Many people go to the Winter Wings Festival to see Bald Eagles, and there are plenty of them to observe. 

According to one of the residents in the area, this leucistic Bald Eagle has been spending a few months in the Klamath Falls area for the past four winters!

The difference between leucism and albinism is often confused. Albinism is characterized by a total or partial lack of melanin pigment.

Leucism is similar to albinism but it is a reduction in all types of pigmentation not just melanin. In birds, this can result in patches of white feathers.

 Also in leucistic birds, the eyes and feet are usually their normal color like this Bald Eagle.

Photos Credits: Larry Jordan

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    Awesome bird..I have seen them alot in Aurora,Co

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    Thanks for the share! Love love love.

  3. stunning

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    Beautiful Bird!

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    O he's GORGEOUS!

  6. Beautiful!

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