This chuckle-worthy footage shows a cheeky turtle try to pinch a Go Pro camera from a diver.

The inquisitive giant reptile tries to bite the camera out of one of the divers' hands.While surrounded by a diving squad, the curious creature calmly swims over to check them out. Getting up close, the animal appears intrigued by the foreign object, and attempts to grab the small, black camera between its jaws.

The incredible video was shot by Ólafur Axel Kárason while searching for bull sharks off the coast of Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Kárason, an Icelandic diving instructor, said: 'This was the dive of my life. 'As an instructor I've seen many green turtles, but never one this big or that close! 'At first she tried to bite my camera, and then she tried to bite my father's hand. 'The second time she went back, he had to push her away.

'Turtles don't normally come this close to humans ­like most other animals ­ so this was really special. 'It was funny as we were diving to see bull sharks ­one of the most dangerous creatures in the world ­ but were attacked by a turtle.'

The 23-year-old diving instructor was diving with his parents and spent around 10 minutes around the reptile before swimming off on the search for bull sharks.


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