This tiny puppy looks blissfully relaxed as he enjoys bath time at a Dallas animal shelter where he was taken after being dumped in a bin

This two-week old puppy has had a difficult start to life, after being found abandoned in a bin along with his two sisters. Happily though, the siblings were rescued by the Dallas Animal Service and are now being cared for by Claire Fowler, a volunteer at the DFW Rescue Me animal shelter.

“When they were found they were covered in fleas and would not have survived without their mother," explained the 21-year-old student. “The little guys need round-the-clock care – they can’t use the rest room by themselves or even regulate their own body temperature.

“I do everything for them and they need to be fed every couple of hours.”

Miss Fowler noticed that the male puppy enjoyed bath time much more than his sisters, so decided to film it. "He was enjoying it so much and I really wanted to capture it – he just looked so content." The puppies are so young that they have not even been named yet.

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