Luck was on a dog's side Wednesday morning when Waterboro Fire rescued him from Little Ossipee Lake.

 "Dakota" wandered off and fell into the partially frozen lake just before 8 a.m. Waterboro Fire responded to help save the dog and found the Golden Retriever halfway submerged in the cold water. The lake was only three feet deep were Dakota fell, but it was very cold and Dakota was very tired from struggling in the ice. Using the ice rescue suits, the fire officials were able to pull Dakota out.

"The reason we do this is, because a lot of the time people, if we don't do it, will take it upon themselves to try and get in there and we end up with a much worse situation," said Fire Chief Tom Langevin.

Waterboro Fire said Dakota was returned to his home, which was a few hundred feet away. He laid in front of the fire for about an hour to warm up and then had a big bowl of ice cream and is reportedly doing fine.

"It was quite a process but it's nice to know they'll save an animal, not just a person." said owner Linda Park.

The Waterboro Fire Department said a rescue sled could have helped with Dakota's rescue. It allows firefighters to get in and out of the water and to move across ice more efficiently. The ice sleds are expensive and the fire department is hoping to fundraise the money.

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