Puppy saves dog from drowning in frozen pond (Video)

 Two dogs living under the same roof have become inseparable according to their owners. Now the youngest of the two is what the owners are calling their hero for saving his sister.

Friday morning the dogs went outside to play like they do every day, and the oldest of the two, one and a half year-old Hunter, walked into a near deadly situation. Her younger sister, 6-month-old Bentley, was right by her side, to save her life before it was too late.

“It could have been really bad,” said Lisa Cassidy, “she wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Bentley.”

Hunter is still here, and able to play with her best friend and little sister, Bentley.

“They are buds. They are almost inseparable. If one goes outside without the other one they will sit there and bark,” said Tim Cassidy.


Responses to " Four legged hero saves little sister from drowning in freezing water "

  1. Unknown says:

    We are fortunate to still have our blessed furry kids! We have always been concerned with the dogs around the cows, horses, and heavy equipment, since we live on a farm and are builders. They never every took interest in the pond, because I have always watched to see. They never bark incessantly, so we check it out, to see if false alarm, intruder, cow out, etc.. Things can happen so quickly no matter how safe you are. Be prepared.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dogs are so much better than people!

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