After spending the first part of her life helping her former owner sell trinkets on the street, this lovely Asian elephant named Faa Sai is now able to enjoy the finer things in life — like having a romp through a sprinkler on a hot day.

Taking a dip to cool off is one thing, but Faa Sai has discovered things can be even more fun when you take matters into your own trunk.

“Faa Sai thinks that the sprinkler pressure in the field is not strong enough, so she manages to break the pipe, as she likes to do, and makes a fountain to her own satisfaction,” writes sanctuary founder Lek Chailert.

Faa Sai is one of the many formerly abused elephants who is now retired on the grounds of the Elephant Nature Park, a sprawling animal sanctuary in northern Thailand.

There was once a time when Faa Sai had little control over her life, but now she’s clearly making the most of her newfound liberty.

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