Hopi Elder Radford Quamahongnewa speaking about the Hopi Way. Elements of the Hopi Way:

Respecting one another: Peace among other people and all living things...Welcoming people, even our enemies. Keeping the Religion: That we have someone to honor...That gave us the land, to leave here with "Him."

Remember the planting: Agriculture...We have to plant...Maintain farming to keep our staple food...It is also to be used for other ceremonials and rituals.

Weddings: A special thing that must be practiced...One way that we prepare ourselves for Afterlife.

Believing in the Kachinas: They are "Spirits" that help take our messages to the other "Special Beings" that we pray to...They are the "Messengers"...And we must keep that going...We must prevent exposing that element to the outside world too much...As we know, as you know, those that are "initiates," we are told that this is something only for the Hopi...And we must believe in it to make good use of it.

Be spiritual all the time: Everyday...It begins in the daybreak, all day until the end of the day, and even at night...We pray for good things...We pray for what we need...We pray for our families...We pray for other people...We pray for our friends...We pray for our enemies...All the things that we do are intertwined with Spiritualty...Even running, the wedding, the planting, gathering wild plants out in the fields, hunting...We must keep that going. We must keep practicing that.

Hopefully with all of these things that we do as what we call "The Hopi Way" will get us to somewhere "Beyond This Time."


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