Acupuncture Helps A Paralyzed Owl

Acupuncture and owls are not typically things that go together, but an acupuncturist in Spain is trying to help a little owl in rehab recover from a bad back.

The bird, less than a foot long, crashed into a stovepipe near Madrid about two months ago. He's received 10 weekly acupuncture treatments, and appears to be doing better.

To hear veterinary acupuncturist Edurne Cornejo tell it, traditional medicine is helping the owl once again find his wings.

"When he first came, he couldn't stand up," she told AFP. The owl will spend a few more months recuperating at Brinzal, a rehabilitation center and wildlife charity in Madrid, before he is returned to the wild. "He started taking little steps. Now he is flying again." (Source)


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