A duck trapped under the ice of a part-frozen lake had a lucky escape after it was spotted by a local man who was planning on taking a dip in the chilly water.

 Lars Jorun Langoien, 36, spotted the bird stuck bottom-up in Lake Sognsvann near the Norwegian capital Oslo and quickly realized that it was in trouble.

So he was already wearing his swimming trunks, Lars undressed and dived into the lake where he broke the ice and grabbed the lifeless duck.

Lars, who is a regular swimmer in the the icy water, said: 'I assumed it was looking for food and knew the way out, and my pal grabbed a photo of it. 'But then we realized that it was trapped and had forgotten where the hole was that it had come through, and was drowning.

But the duck was lifeless when back on dry land, so Lars performed CPR to bring the little bird back to life. He said: 'When I got it to the shore it still wasn't moving, so I gave it mouth to mouth resuscitation and that seemed to do the trick. It came round and although it was a little groggy it made off.'

Experts identified the bird as a Bucephala duck, otherwise known as the Goldeneye duck, that feeds from the bottom of ponds.

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