Police Officer rescues puppy a second time after saving her from car crash

 Last month, Ohio Police Officer Rodger Nolan rescued a 4-month-old puppy who had been trapped in a bad car crash. After determining the puppy was safe, Nolan thought that was the last time he'd see the dog.

But two weeks later, he spotted the puppy on the Franklin County Dog Shelter website. It turns out, the puppy's owner surrendered the Labrador Pit bull mix.

Officer Nolan "fell in love with her instantly" and after talking with his wife they went to see the puppy.

"The folks there brought her into the visitation area and she came and sat on my feet the way she did [the day of the accident]," Nolan told Fox28.

That's all it took! They named her Camden and brought her home. She now joins the Nolans and their other dogs, Shea (Great Dane), and Wrigley (Boxer).


Responses to "Officer Rescues Puppy a 2nd Time, Giving Him Permanent Home (Video)"

  1. TonjaRoo says:

    Y'all look like you belong together! Seems to me like it was just meant to be. I love that a police officer rescued a pit bull mix - glad to see a positive story in the media about police & pit bulls, as well as another happy ending for a pit bull who was abandoned at a shelter being adopted in to a loving home. Hip hip hooray for Camden & Officer Nolan!!!

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