Dan the Monster Man creates variety of paper-mache beasts

 Artist Dan Reeder has been crafting creatures from paper-mache for nearly 40 years. The 60 year old, who resides in Seattle, specializes in making monsters, especially dragons. “It's pretty clear that I love dragons,” Reeder wrote on his website. “I'd be very happy only building them.”

Reeder actually uses nothing but paper-mache when he sculpts, while most other paper-mache artists use wire to make the base of their project before applying a paper-mache skin.

In another interesting technique variation, Reeder covers his paper sculptures in a layer of cloth dipped in glue.

Initially, circa 1984, Reeder referred to his creatures as “screamers” because they always had their mouths open. Since then, he has branched out into making a plethora of animals and monsters including lions, pigs, fish, hippos, Frankenstein's monster, and Maleficent from Disney's “Sleeping Beauty.” (Source)


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    Wonderfully creative work.

  3. What talent! Amazing work!

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