Pit bull is terrified of pineapple (Video)

When Jolene Creighton came home from grocery shopping, she had no idea that she had just ushered an enemy into the household — a very suspicious, very scary pineapple. Her rescue dog, Stella, was quick to alert her to the imminent danger, however, and proceeded to bark over and over at the fearsome fruit.

"Usually, when Stella is scared of something, I crouch down with whatever the item is and show it to her," Jolene writes in a blog post. "She waddles over tentatively, gives it a sniff or two, and then goes on her merry way. For some reason, this didn’t work with the pineapple. Apparently, pineapples are all the horribleness."

Stella didn't even want to venture too close to the alien specimen. Writes Jolene, "Once it became apparent that she was going to bark until the pineapple met its demise, I turned off the camera so that I could help her deal with her utter (and totally absurd) terror.

I had to call Guinness over and let him sniff the pineapple before Stella would even go near it. Guinness, if you are wondering, is 18 pounds. Stella is about 50. I sat by the pineapple petting Guinness for a bit, and eventually Stella got jealous enough to overcome her fear."


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