Five year old brother and sister take a playful tumble in the snow before sharing a friendly hug

Lying back in the snow, these two polar bears share a cuddle as they catch their breath after playtime.

These stunning photographs of the brother and sister reveal a softer side to the famously ferocious polar bear

they were captured by Russian photographer Alexey Tishenko, 43, who braved temperatures of -18 to capture the intimate pictures in Churchill, Canada. 'I felt waves of adrenaline, getting to see the different kinds of behaviour each animal has is so mesmerising.'

After playing for around 25 minutes, these little bears decided to call for a time out as they fell to the ground together. Alexey says: 'They reminded me a little of human children playing with each other.

'I think everyone will find something to love in my photos. 'Wildlife incredibly interesting and fascinating and it causes different emotions and feelings. 'I hope that my photos have a positive effect on people and can inspire them.'

Responses to "Russian Photographer Takes Stunning Pictures Of Polar Bears Cuddling Each Other"

  1. bmfilip2 says:

    That is so beautiful !! The pictures are so amazing. Thank you for sharing the photos with us.

  2. PW Miley says:

    Great images!

  3. Unknown says:

    I was born an animal lover and am becoming a artist (painter) in my own right dispute a recent visual impairment. I'd like to thank you for your beautiful awe inspiring pictures, they bring me to life as a deep breath of crisp winter air.

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