The Doors as a group were a very philanthropic group donating both money and time to causes they believe in.

 Jim Morrison donated money to American Indian causes and the Living Theater, in recent years Robby Krieger has donated his time, name and donations to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, different community organizations that have Schools of Rock, and John Densmore has lent his name and money to organizations to save the wild horses, to the Havasupi tribe of the Grand Canyon, and various ecological causes over the years. Apparently, this trait runs among The Doors fans as well. The Doors Record Store Day contribution this year was “Ghost Song/Drums,” from which the profits went to Honor the Treaties and based on sales Doors fans raised over $100,000 for the charity.

In an interview with Billboard Magazine Doors drummer John Densmore and artist Shepard Fairey (who created the artwork for the “Ghost Song” side of the album) urged fans not to buy the Record Store Day release on Black Friday (November 28) but wait until the next day to protest racism and in support of the protests in Ferguson, Missouri .

Apparently fans either didn’t get the message (the Billboard interview didn’t come out until the day before Record Store Day), they didn’t heed the message, or if they did wait until the day after to get their copy of “Ghost Song/Drums”. Yesterday, December 4, it was announced that “Ghost Song/Drums” has raised over $100,000 since November 28.

Honor the Treaties is an organization that funds Native American artists and advocacy groups so their message can reach a wider audience. Congratulations go out to The Doors, Rhino Records and The Doors fans who bought the album!

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