"Prophecy states that when people become spiritual again, the White Raven will return." Grandmother Rita Pitka Blumenstein, a Yupik Elder

"The Bird That Turned the Meat Bitter" is a Mandan legend. Ravens are usually completely black birds, however the Mandan legend (below) makes mention of a white raven, and the prophecy in this traditional story is about a white raven that will return:

The Bird That Made the Meat Bitter

Looking about the lodges in the village, Coyote saw strings of jerked meat, but the people were lean. He asked why this was. The people said, "When we go hunting, only the fastest butchers can get their meat home in good condition. There is a Raven which flies over calling "Get bitter! Get bitter!" (gi-ba in Mandan) and the meat turns bitter." Coyote asked for a sample. He chewed but could not swallow the meat, it was so bitter. He said, "I must have this thing righted." He sent the young girl after firewood and had it piled ready to light, first laying down manure because it keeps the flame a long time. Then he had the men get timber rope and make a snare. He filled up his pipe and asked help of his fellow creatures. The big Spider came to his aid, and he lighted the pipe for the Spider to smoke. Now the Raven lived in a hollow tree out of which it flew when the men were butchering. Big Spider said, "It is easy to snare that bird. Be ready to snare him into the fire and let him burn. Some of his feathers will fly into the air and turn into birds. When you see a white Raven fly out a cry 'At the end of the world there shall be seen a white Raven as a sign that the world is coming to an end' that will be the last of it."

They sent out young men into the hills scouting. These reported Buffalo. They made ready for the hunt. The fastest runners went ahead to encircle the herd. Buffalo always run towards the wind, but the runners drove them towards the other hunters. These formed a corral where they slaughtered the whole herd. The men with large families packed meat home; others followed behind. Meanwhile, some watched by the hollow tree. When the bird came out, before it could cry, Coyote caught it by the neck and pulled it to the ground. It had the head of a man and the body of a bird. The face was human but had no hair. The body had wings and a long neck. It was a frightful thing to see. Coyote clubbed the bird and threw it into the flames. Feathers flew up and turned into birds and flew away. The unburned bones Coyote crushed with his club. Finally out flew a white Raven and said, "When the world is about to end I will come to you again!" So Coyote told the people that was to be a sign to them.


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  1. aegis1 says:

    Thank you for sharing photo and Prophecy

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am ready. Blessings

  3. Anonymous says: Please consider funding to make a dream come true.

  4. Thank You Grandmother Rita!!!

  5. Unknown says:

    Her words mean so much. Blessings to her always. <3

  6. Anonymous says:

    Grandmother it is so good to see you again! I miss dancing with you and Sam. Love, Terianne (I go by my middle name, Raven). Brent posted this on facebook, that is how I saw/read your story/legend. Be well Rita and thank you for making sewing and beading so enjoyable for me!

  7. Anonymous says:

    When it is time for the Earth to cleanse and renew itself, I will be happy!

  8. Madena says:

    Last week I lost my educational White Raven when someone made the unfortunate choice of shooting her. I'd lived with Pearl Talon, an amazingly sweet bird, for only a year. I will miss her terribly. Please help if you can

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Unknown says:

    I saw one fly into a rock maple 4 years ago. I have been looking everywhere to find out what it meant! Thank you!

  11. Kayjh33 says:

    Very interesting. Thank you For sharing.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for sharing..

  13. ggf says:

    I dreamt about a white raven. In one dream, my horse was carrying me vertically up a mountain. The next night, I was taking two people on up the mountain on foot. I couldn't wait to show them something. We had to stop and strip off most of our clothes to keep them from catching fire from ash falling on them....the whole mountain had burned and ash fell from the sky. It was so steep we had to claw our way up on our hands and knees, but finally came to a path sloping up towards the highest peak, where there was one tree left alive. The tree was alive with singing and birds etc. On the ground underneath it, a white raven sat on the black humus It had a very large beak, so I could tell it was a raven. I kneeled in front of it and it shifted into a rabbit. I held out my arms and the rabbit trustfully just hopped right over into my arms.

  14. Unknown says:

    Beautiful, thank you so much...💖💖💗💖💖💖💖

  15. ghawley says:

    Grandmother "buddy" ...I could listen to you for hours! I miss you and Marie...won't you come back to Wisconsin? Thank you for reminding us to be just who we are. I love you.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Enlightening this was thank you 3,6,9!!!

  17. karen bright says:

    Love you grandma Rita and Marie from Karen Bright Melbourne Australia sending prayers to keep you strong and happy

  18. Unknown says:

    Amazing!!!Thank you so much for sharing this Grandmother Rita.

  19. Aruna says:

    Hi, i am from the Netherland. Yesterday i had a dream of a white and black raven. Searching for an answer i came to this site. I would like to share this beautiful dream and hope this messege will bring a lot of love.
    i had a dream of a white and black raven in my balcony. They were both so beautiful and deeply in love. Suddenly the white raven got scared of something and try to flew away, but she hit against the window of my bedroom and felt back in my balcony. I thought she must be dead. The black raven held her in his wings and try to wake her up with his head. The white raven woke up and was slightly changed, she was smaller and much more younger. Her appearance was a little bit like a dove. She had a few beautiful light brown feather. Then she spread her wings and looked like a little phoenix.

  20. Unknown says:

    When knowledge is taken down (white raven also known to have great wisdom and brought man fire which singed his feathers black)(fall of ecocidal technology), peace (dove) will be reborn.

  21. PeteG says:

    I've seen one!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful... Thank You !!! The Great Earth Cleansing .... A Beautiful Thing .... (grin)

  23. Anonymous says:

    White Raven is here and calling to her people. The super moon marked the end of her 30th rotation around the sun and she calls out to her people from where she has migrated up to Washington where there are many homeless shapeshifters that she calls out to. Time has come!

  24. Joe says:

    I am so very ready.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I loved reading this story & it explained so much . things that are on this earth & things that will happen when the earth comes to a end . i don't know why i feel like i am & was reading the Prophecy & i feel that this is Truth as truth was never told before . Why do i feel so positive that this will indeed come to pass . Little Thundering Wolf ! E.B.B.

  26. Sarah says:

    We have seen it coming for some time.

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