At Elephant Nature Park elephant like to play in the mud while raining and also slider on the mud. Hope you enjoy this video.

 Elephants love to play. Elephants also love the mud. Baby elephants especially love both these things. Therefore, baby elephants playing in the mud equals the perfect storm of cute.

Luckily, someone at the Elephant Nature Park in Chang Mai, Thailand had a camera handy when this cyclone of adorable elephants touched down.

In the hot muggy weather, the cooling sensation of a mud bath is a seasonal favorite for elephants — and these bathers are no exception.

A quick glance at YouTube will show you that play behavior is far from unusual among elephants. Playing is part of the way a herd bonds and communicates, according to elephant biologist Joyce Pool.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    If this is in a Nature Park, why are they breeding? Can anyone see the end result here? Not enough of anything to provide for them when the herds start to propagate. Nice to see a safe refuse for them but they are huge and need space. Why are they letting them have babies? Just wondering......

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