Getting com-fur-table! Patient husky dog is turned into the purrrrrfect bed by Farina the cat

Who needs a pet bed when they've got a furry friend to snuggle up to?

Kedric Becker from New Haven, Connecticut, filmed the moment his pet tabby cat Farina climbed aboard her husky pal Maeby.

Video shows the feline pawing the dog's cream-colored coat before settling down and taking a nap. Maeby doesn't stir as her fluffy body is utilized as a mattress.

 Farina's derriere rests near Maeby's nose with her head near the canine's spine. The two animals appear to be best of friends as they sit on the couch sleeping in tandem.

The unlikely couple clearly dispel the old adage 'fighting like cats and dogs.' (Source)


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  1. Unknown says:

    oh what a warm spot to nap.

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