Filming on the plains of the Serengeti can have its pitfalls sometimes, as one filmmaker discovered during an expedition in Tanzania.

 Boris von Schoenebeck and his crew were capturing footage of cheetahs in Ndutu, Tanzania when two intrepid cheetahs decided to sit on their jeep as they filmed.

The male cub and his mother kept coming back to their vehicle day after day, observing Boris and his crew as they filmed them.

Unfortunately, during filming the cub got a little too up close and personal with one of the GoPro Cameras Boris was filming with and decided to chew on it.

The filmmaker could only watch on hopelessly as the lens was destroyed, luckily the rest of the camera appeared to have survived.

“It was really special that they were so close – within touching distance. Normally, looking at them, you’re like 300 metres away from us. They would climb on top of our vehicle and use it as a place of higher ground.”

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